Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Engineless Ingrid

Check out S/V Macha, a beautiful, gaff rigged, engineless Ingrid in the Bay Area.

The boat was built by the author Jay Fitzgerald, who is also the founder of the Oar Club. The Oar Club's motto is "No, I don't need a tow."

There are some very nice (copyrighted) photos of Macha under sail at Lyons Imaging.

Notice the pieces of wood aft of the cockpit with the half circles cut out? I'm guessing that this boat in fact does have an engine. You put a large sweep oar in that notch, connect a motivated mate who can scull and you have propulsion.

The owners recently had Steve Hutchinson rebuild their cockpit. Steve is a great boat wright we know from the Point San Pablo Yacht Club.

There are a lot more things I would like to know about this Ingrid such as the displacement, the interesting tiller design, how they short tack in very light wind and what it is like to scull a 15 ton boat. Ingrids are heavy and it is easy to miss stays.

The blog for Macha is here.

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