Monday, February 2, 2009

One Person's Groundhog Day

CNN ran a public "assignment" asking people what day in their life would they like to do over, ala Groundhog Day. One sailor posted this response and the following slides:

I would choose anyday during a 3 week sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Where a crew of strangers with no experience came together as a team covering each others back as we faced storms and doldrums, isolation and comradarie.
The middle of the ocean is a most beautiful and remote place. Cut off from our known world. The rat race of our cities, the news, politics, wars over territory and cultural clashes we were used to seeing on a daily basis all become irrelevant out there. It was a complete daily breath of fresh air
The endless universe shines above, and the phosphorescence shines below. I wish I was still out there in that marine paradise.

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