Thursday, January 29, 2009

Women in Charge

The Captain calls it mutiny......but here we go for an important update to the Roles and Responsibility Log on Maitreya: as of today, Corine is our Chief Docking Officer and Jak will serve as male deck candy or human fender if needed :-)

And a warm thanks to Captain Tim Sanders who actually made it happen! This week he and I have been practicing docking our lovely, but very heavy lady who, even with the new engine, does not turn anything remotely like those newer fiberglass boats. So, we got in and out of our transient slip at the Kona Kai Marina and played around the big powerboats (and we even thought our old slip in Berkeley has a decent amount of tight turns but that's nothing compared to the small fairways over here in San Diego).

Back to some Women in Charge subjects and some of the ladies/websites that make that happen:
- a few years ago I sailed a Morgan 41 in the Florida Keys with Captain Jen, which was great fun
- of course there's my sister Jolanda who started the women's sailing program at the Cal Sailing Club in Berkeley
- our new home base yacht club in Alameda, the Island Yacht Club has a great 2-day womens sailing seminar every October
- and if you want to add any great websites or experiences with womens sailors, please e-mail me and I'll add them to the blog.

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