Thursday, January 1, 2009

S/V Marionette, An Update and Correction

In a previous post, I mentioned S/V Marionette, a yacht that had been in Berkeley for sale. I thought that she was an S&S design, but I received this email:

Aloha Maitreya,

This is the crew from the s/v Marionette, we met at the sd transient dock, and we have completed our voyage to La Paz where by now the Capt and the French cook have put the boat away and have returned to Kiwi land. I saw your blog site mention of the boat and a small detail caught my eye in your description of her heritage. She is a Cheoy Lee build but the design came from Nils Lucander, not S&S specifically, a special one off for one of the Barient winch exects.
And I must say she sails very well in light to medium air ( the only kind we encountered ) although with a tendency to yaw a bit in following seas. I have returned to Vallejo to play with my vintage British bikes for a while. Hope ya'll are well and enjoy your travels in the new year.

Jeff Scott

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