Thursday, January 29, 2009

Handy Email for Cruisers

Air travelers and cruisers make up a large part of the intermittently or occasionaly connected. This is a term used by computer nerds to describe people that don't always have an Internet connection. This group keeps shrinking due to wireless technologies.

Google has recently announced that GMail will allow access to messages while you do not have an active internet connection. This can be handy as more and more critical information is being stored in email messages. This feature has always been in non-web based email such as outlook. The problem is that the cost and effort to use such a program is high.

Cruisers that use Airmail with Sailmail for SSB email transfer usually have another email account for non-critical, non-passage related messages. It would be really cool to coordinate the mail queues with Gmail, but that can be complicated since neither party documents the internals yet. Airmail can check an online GMail or other mail account now if you have an active connection.

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