Friday, December 5, 2008

San Diego and Baja Boat Yards

It is about time for a coat of bottom paint. We have been checking out some boat yards in Shelter Island, Mission Bay and Baja. Most yards will not let customers work below the waterline or at all.

One yard that would allow customers to work had cornered the market a different way. The main requirement was that you had to buy the paint from them at $175 a gallon. The representative told me, "This is so we can control what goes back into the water around here." When I asked what kind of paint they had, she said they could probably match anything we had on the bottom now.

She then told me a haul out for 39 feet would be $500. It is $300 in the Bay Area. They charge yard rate of $100/hour to power wash, so she thought that would be about $50. Washing is free in the Bay Area. They charge $3/foot for lay days or $114/day. In San Francisco, this would be about $.80/foot. Using 1.5 gallons of paint and three days, it would cost $1160 for a single coat of bottom paint, if I did the labor. She then told me that they could do the labor and it would only be $1100. I guess this means labor is cheaper than yard space? Or, we own the travel lift and you don't?

We will be waiting a bit on the bottom job.

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