Monday, December 22, 2008

Pure Winching Pleasure

The mechanic that did our repower gave me some grief, or an alternate four letter spelling, over the size of my hydraulic windless. He thought I ought to go electric, so there would be no issues with the pump and engine. I am glad that I did not listen t him.

Hauling in our 75 pound CQR and 50 plus feet of chain was no match for the hydraulics. At one point it hesitated slightly. Corine gave the engine a little more RPM and it yanked along nicely. As the anchor surfaced, something orange popped into view. It turned out to be a pair of traffic cones tied in a drogue-like attitude. Following these, was a 5 gallon bucket that was filled with either cement, mud or both. I have no idea what this contraption was meant to do, but it must have weighed another 50 or so pounds. A lesser winch might have balked at this load, leaving the anchor fouled on the bottom.

My handy offshore knife parted the half inch line slung over the CQR plow, returning the beast to it's resting place.

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