Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Projects Underway

We are here in San Diego with various projects underway before pushing on to Mexico.
  • New stanchions and bases for the lifelines. The second base in a couple months broke while off shore in choppy seas. It is clearly time to replace the lot of them. This requires a bit of work. The old stanchion tubes were 1 1/8 inches. These were perhaps custom. No one makes these anymore off the shelf, so replacing the bases requires replacing the tubes. The bases also used larger bolts than the new bases can accommodate. These need to be drilled out by a machinist since they need to match the holes through our concrete rail. I wore out a couple of drill bits doing this on one base in Richmond. The guys at Dynamic Marine Machining are handling the work.
  • The new Simrad IS20 wind instrument has not been recording the correct direction. I had thought that the speed was shown was accurate. I saw some 18 knot gusts that only registered 10 knots. This made me wonder how much wind we had the dark night in the storm that showed 22 knots on the Simrad and healed the boat 15 degrees. We have been waiting for a replacement from the company in the East.
  • We have been struggling to raise the main in any kind of breeze. We are swapping the old number 8 winch for a Harken number 16 self tailing. This will help me and Corine even more.
  • We are adding a Davis Windex in addition to the Simrad. Belt and suspenders.
  • The Ferris towed generator was not outputting power. I found one damaged fuse, but there may be other issues.
  • We are mounting our large 64 watt Uni-Solar panel permanently outside as a hedge against the towed generator.
  • Corine has just reinforced the dodger as was shown in a previous post.
  • Our mainsail preventer worked well. The one exception was needing to ease the gross tuning line under a heavy load. I will be replacing the cleats with Lewmar D2 rope clutches for a quick and/or controlled release.
  • Our compass light was not working. A small thing until you need to hold a flashlight in bad weather while adjusting course or hand steering.
  • The Simrad TP32 tiller pilot has done pretty well attached to our Aries wind vane. Occasionally, rough seas will kick the pilot off of the tiller swivel. We will be using the Aries in normal wind mode as the primary steering with the autopilot as a back up and while motoring. I still need to make a modification to the linkage for fail safe steering.
This is a reasonable amount of work and it is taking us a while to gather all of the parts.

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Jak said...

OK, captain, heeling of 15 degrees is nothing and happened all the time with minor waves. With a little more wind Maitreya easily and comfortably heels 30 degrees and the event I was nearly kicked out of the safe sea berth lee cloth must have been more than that :-)

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