Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back to San Diego Yacht Club

Since we have been back, we have been relaxing on the Police Dock again. We have been meeting a variety of cruisers from Alaska, New Zealand, Berkeley and other places. There are also quite a few gypsy boats that defy physics by remaining above water.

Berkeley readers may remember a 50 foot wooden S&S/Cheoy Lee with a large enclosed center cockpit that was for sale on the dock in front of the harbormaster for quite a while. The boat was purchased by a Kiwi, sheathed in cold molding, reflagged and rechristened Marionette. We saw her here on her way to New Zealand.

After five more days, we have exhausted our docking privileges here. Coincidentally, it is somebody's birthday today. The birthday girl says she wants to use the jacuzzi. So we are headed back to the very friendly people at the San Diego Yacht Club while we wait for some parts to arrive.

Everyone at the club was so friendly last time. This included the dockmaster's office, the front desk, the bar and any member that we ran into.

We also were warmly welcomed by Dr. Hunt from the board of directors, who will become a flag officer this year. He described a less-than-welcoming experience at a famous San Francisco yacht club. In addition to dinnig tips, he asked several times if we needed anything before we left. This is the real reason clubs gain their prestige.

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