Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shelter Island Cruising Resources

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There are an amazing number of businesses serving cruisers in the Shelter Island/Point Loma area of San Diego Harbor. If you want new or used books or charts go to Seabreeze Books.

There are two local chandlers plus a large West Marine. San Diego Marine Exchange is large industrial-oriented marine hardware store. One block away is Downwind Marine which stocks normal stuff plus a large selection of wind generators, solar panels and alternators. A block in another direction brings you to West Marine.

I have counted about five boat yards, six sailmakers, two riggers, and four or five canvas shops all within a mile of the Silver Gate Yacht Club. This is like taking all of the bay area's boating services and putting them in an area about as big as the Berkeley Marina.

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Ton Goedecke said...

Dear Jak and Corine,
Sorry to hear about your loss.
Ook voor jou veel sterkte toegewenst.
Veel plezier in San Diego.
If there is anything we can do for you just let us know.
Rita and Ton Goedecke

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