Saturday, November 15, 2008

Police Dock Entertainment

We have moved over to the Police Dock. In addition to being the customs check in point and the general working dock for police boats, it is a cheap place to tie up your boat for ten days.

This is the place to meet the hardcore cruisers. You can also find a fair share of sea gypsies with boats that barely float.

This combination of circumstances can make for some entertainment.

In the first couple of hours here we witnessed a drug bust. The Border Patrol had found a 20 foot power boat loaded with 1000 pounds of marijuana floating offshore. We saw them unloading brick-sized packages and posing for a bust photo.

The next event was the embarkation of a 1970's era fiberglass sailboat of about 25 feet. The bottom looked like it had not been cleaned in several years. At the helm, was a lady of about 50 who resembled Keith Richards. The motor did not work so her husband was in a dinghy tied to the bow. He began to row, pulling the boat out of the the marina. About half way out, we heard a large scream, "Oh shit, the cat is not on board! Here kitty, kitty! I'm not leaving without kitty. Oh sweet bejebus!". The "outboard" was turned around and an hour search began, with the lady walking all over the marina yelling for kitty and shaking a bowl of food. It was unclear, if kitty ever reported back on board for duty.

Just twenty yards away is Kona Kai Resort, where the other one percent of the boating community stays. This included M/V Terrible, the Johnny Holmes of powerboats. This picture does not do the full 150 foot length justice.

By the way, there is no fishing allowed on the Police Dock. This means you.

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