Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving back to the sea

We had a pretty rocky ride with at times wind and/or swell waves coming at about 30 sec or so at 90 degrees to the hull. Hard to tell the height as it was dark most of the time. Overall sailing in the dark was not too bad and better than I had guessed before we took off but honestly there are times when one thinks "People, turn on the lights please".

Anyway, I was able to cook Corine's (that's the "other" Corine) famous Italian broccoli dish and I must say, when one's hungry, wet and tired after two nights and three days at sea that's definitely the best time to cook for Jak, the real chef of our household as I got a positive remark that the bowl was the best he had in a long time :-)

Overall, things stayed really good in place with the exception of half a container of Baya sea salt that came out of the cabinet and emptied itself behind and under the oven. That's when I decided it's appropriate to give it back to it rightful owner.

We took on a decent amount of water over the bow and Jak had to pump the foreward bilge three times to prevent any water flowing inside. The boat is really dry inside, just the ocean environment being damp and dragging wet sailing boats and foul weather clothes inside makes the carpets pretty soggy so those are still drying outside in now sunny San Diego. Today we are both shopping independently for materials and stuff to make life at sea easier and more comfortable.

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John Fryer said...

Sounds like you threw all of that salt directly into the sea?

I cant imagine the harm to marine life that may have caused and I will be forced to go to bed tonight wondering if I should look at sodium content in my sushi.


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