Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Detour by Land

Mom is sick, so Corine and I have headed north by car to San Luis Obispo to visit her.

We left the boat in Dana Point. We would like to thank the great people at the Dana Point Yacht Club for helping us out by allowing us to squeeze into a member's slip.

It is a bit strange driving down the freeway after being car-free for six weeks.


Tamimami said...

I hope Mom is doing well. I found your blog through a Dana Point Yacht Club google alert earlier this week. How coincidential that you worked with my husband, p/c Michael Tatich, to arrange your slip and here I was reading it on your blog!

I am in the harbor often and please let us know if you need anything. I wish you a speedy return to your adventure and will follow you along the way.

Tamara Tatich

John Fryer said...

Cheers to The Dana Point staff!

Hey hope all is well with your Mom Jak and nice job with the blog. Missing you at Poker but the calls after the election were great.

Did they adjust anything on the motor or just do an oil change?

John Fryer

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