Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dana Point to San Diego

Tuesday morning, we departed Dana Point and made a short hop to Oceanside. This took us past San Onofre Nuclear Power Station and Camp Pendleton Marine Base.

The warm water discharged by the power plant must of had quite an effect as the ocean is a tropical turquoise much different from the rest of the coast. As a coincidence, this story of an artificial reef to repair damage was on a local NPR station the same day.

We had a brief overnight stay in Oceanside and then headed south for San Diego on Wednesday. We rounded Point Loma at about 3pm to enter San Diego Bay and pulled into Shelter Island. We are staying at the Silver Gate Yacht Club.

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Tamimami said...

Ahoy, Maitreya -

Michael told me about your loss, and I couldn't let a moment pass without sending you my blessings. I'll be following your adventure and hope you look us up when you're back in Dana Point. Our contact information is with the front desk or you can send along an email.

Tami Tatich

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