Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Amazing Lavonne

Our friend, former owner and builder of Maitreya is at it again. Lavonne is one of the most adventurous people we know and an inspiration to everybody who meets her.

We ran into Chris of CC Rigging in Oakland, here in San Diego. He and Lavonne worked on the new standing rigging for our boat about three years ago. He said that Lavonne assembled most of the Norseman fittings herself.

Anyway, we just got an update from her. She is back in Antarctica. The enclosed pictures are of a trip she made to explore some large ice caves.

She said that she also met Shackleton's great-grandson who is retracing the famous trip. She even got to hold Shackelton's original compass... pretty cool.

As always, we have to thank Lavonne for building such a strong and beautiful boat.

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