Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update on the West End

Catalina Island has been largely deserted for the season. Boat occupancy hovers between 1 and 10 percent.

There are a surprising number of kids at the summer camps. It is unclear if this is some sort of super school field trip or if year-round school has been implemented in the LA area. These may be the kids who get their "summer" vacation in the fall.

The weather has been great at about 80F and a light breeze coming up in the afternoon.

We have been on the moorings in Isthmus Cove . Follow this link to see a recent web cam picture of Maitreya. This picture will go out of date probably by Monday 10/27/08. To find the boat, look for the square crane on the pier. Next, look straight up through a blank area of water and you will see Maitreya. She has two dark sail bags on the bow.

We have also been to Emerald Bay where we rowed our Fatty Knees dinghy to Howland and Johnson Landings which are owned by the Boy Scouts and yacht clubs.

We were moored right behind Indian Rocks in Emerald Bay (see below). We did a little bit of snorkeling where we saw some Garibaldi among the kelp.

Corine has been making muffins every morning and we have been sharing the dinner duties. All very relaxing.

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