Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reflections on the first 500 miles Blue Water Cruising

I'm waiting for the cheese scones to bake and water to boil for Peet's coffee so a good time to reflect on the ocean time so far. To make a long story short, I loved it! Maitreya loves to sail and she's great. The first night out we decided to have our watch schedules at 3 hours as we had to hand steer; it was also pretty good in keeping awake. My night watches are 11 pm - 2am and 5- 8 am. Nice to see the sun come up when its clear out. With the night vision being good after some time in the dark it surely looks like the sun is fully up at 6.30 am when the sky becomes a little lighter so I actually turned down the running lights when the sun actually rose about 6.45. Anyway, won't turn off the lights that early but actually after we left Santa Cruz we didn't see any ships for the first 3 days. Very, very peaceful and when we got closer to Point Conception when the seas surely got confused and the autopilot couldn't keep up, we turned on the AIS to see what the ships are doing. Great investment the AIS, as we can see all boats with call sign, speed and heading and we can get on the VHF if needed. One cruise ship lit like a Christmas tree got pretty close but overall very safe out there. When I was off watch the whales and another night dolphins came out so Jak called me back up. It's very special to fall asleep knowing these wonderful creatures are playing right below you.
Galley wise: the eggs are great, now 5 weeks old and turning them every 2 days keeps them happy. The only food that took a beating from the rock and rolling were some too tightly packed Roma tomatoes, which became mush and o yeah, I'll skip any broccoli or iceberg salad that has been on ice as even as I think it's dry moisture gets soaked in and after a week non refrigerated it smells when I opened the bag. Today Farmer's market at Santa Barbara so some fresh salad for dinner when we can listen to the debate on the radio.
Take care everyone, to be continued.....

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