Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lazy Repairs and So Cal Weather

I am lying around Santa Barbara and fixing small stuff. The largest repair, which I have been avoiding, is the internal mast slap of our new electrical wires. I could have sworn that the rigger said he pulled those wires through a conduit. Instead, we have a 55 foot pendulum of wires that can swing the six or eight inches at the mast base with a 2 or 3 degree roll of the boat. That roll is multiplied by the mast length and may be turned into several inches at the top. Anyway I need to try and lasso the wires to one side of the inside of the mast before we go crazy.

While NOT working on this, we are enjoying 85 degree weather. Corine went to the Farmer's Market on State Street yesterday. She replenished some of our fresh stuff.

This weekend, the Santa Barbara Seafood and Harbor Festival is happening. The tall ship Spirit of Dana Point (ex Pilgrim of Newport) has arrived. She is looking a little worn. Check out that Dolphin Striker below. Ouch!

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