Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From the food department

Last night we had a great pot-luck BBQ dinner at the Ventura Yacht Club with wonderful people and lovely socializing. The weekly dinner was started 18 years ago by one of the live-aboards and now attracts many people from the club; it was fun talking boats and even past work (Ventura is about 20 miles from Thousand Oaks). Great recommendations about the Channel Islands (did you know you can just let your boat drift outside the Painted Cave while you row in :-) OK we won't try that....Folks try to convince us to go to the Sea of Cortez before crossing the Pacific so we'll see what the weather does when we get more south around Nov 1, the "official" end of the hurricane season in Mexico.
Back to the Galley: I've been trying to match the great muffins from the Aptos Bakery sold in Santa Cruz and I think one of the secrets is using molasses instead of brown sugar. This morning, on every-other-day-turn-over-the-eggs-day, I tried a combination of molasses and honey and the results comes pretty close. The eggs are now 39 days old, the remaining 12 are doing totally fine and I only had two cracked prematurely when I probably shut the carton wrongly in Santa Barbara. They leaked a little egg white that stayed perfectly tucked into their little yellow space in the carton. So far so good, and maybe about time to hunt down a new supply. Not a whole lot of fresh produce around here but there was a sign of a Farmers Market this morning next to the Derby in Ventura so maybe I'll go there. The most important is starting with good quality produce (Lisa sister's tomatoes or the remainder of them are still going strong together with the fabulous lemons from Sandra's sister and of course there is Berkeley Bowl) and particularly on the citrus department we're very well equipped. I just finished Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz (thanks Paul!) describing Cook's travels and although he did everything he could to try to prevent scurvy, we won't have to worry about it :-). With the debate tonight we'll probably have Cheese fondue with french baguette since there is nice bakery in the Harbor Village close by (although I haven't seen it open yet, we'll see.....not enough hours to let the no-kneading bread rise for the required 18 hours. Melanie, thanks again for the recipe, even in our little great oven it works perfectly!).
We just got a folding bike out so Jak is biking over to the other side of the marina to talk to the guys at the boat yard to see if they can fix the swinging wire problem. Even though we're tucked in pretty good at the guest dock the surge here in Ventura is pretty heavy and the wires are banging all day. If they can help us, we may stay a little longer otherwise we're taking off tomorrow morning early for about a 50 mile (or 10 hours if we're lucky) sail down to Marina del Rey or King Harbor.

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