Thursday, October 30, 2008

The better part of Avalon

OK, here we have a slight disagreement about Avalon....there are a few nice things such as row-your-own-boat-over-Netflix fix for movie nights (three in a row at the local bookstore annex rental place). Young at Heart was really nice, last night not-so-good I already forgot the name and tonight Jak's pick Leatherheads.
And when you get a little bit of the beaten harbor track in town, it's pretty cute with lush mountains, palm trees and lots of Spanish spoken on the streets and of course the golf cars everywhere. The weather is surely changing with yesterday an interesting feeling of sunny skies but fog all around and now it's nearly time to close the hatches during daytime because of the blow.
Tomorrow to the Shoreline Yacht Club for the weekend, more later.

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