Friday, September 26, 2008

A little Californian surfing......

Our so called "shake -down cruise" has taken us under the Golden Gate on Tuesday Sept 23 at 11.40 am. The swells were not too bad (max 5-6 feet) but neither any significant wind that first day out. Very relaxing and peaceful first ocean sail for me. We decided to head for Half Moon Bay for a little rest after all the work in Berkeley and took off again on Thursday for our next stop at Santa Cruz to check out a few things before we cross a larger piece of the Pacific. It was absolutely fabulous surfing downwind with only the full main and stay sail up and Maitreya got us even to 9.9 knots (GPS)! No seasickness at all, although we were rocking and rolling pretty good with the waves at times 2 or 3 sec in between (that's actually the perfect timing for some small forward bends going with the flow on the boat for some of you yoga-lovers). We got a couple of waves coming over into the cockpit and the foredeck got a good wash but below everything stayed perfectly dry.
Right before the entrance to the Santa Cruz Harbor we spotted a whale about 75 feet of the boat; sorry we were too busy navigating in some fog to take a picture :-) And now we're here and have a very cute otter swimming around the boat. Good karma as the new signs for our dinghy "Otter" are ready to be put on.
Next update probably early next week when we take off again; enjoy the weekend everyone!

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John Fryer said...

That sounds great you too! Let us know when you decide to start the crossing.

9+ knots is hauling ass!

John F

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