Tuesday, September 9, 2008

From the Galley

And yes Virgina, I did find 36 never-refrigerated farm fresh eggs at the San Francisco Farmers Market (Marin Sun Farms in Petaluma), a small wheel of aged goat Gouda and our friends from Arizmendi Bakery shared some of their fresh sourdough starter with me so we can feast in the middle of the Ocean! Provisioning of the non-perishable items is completed and now for that part of the trip preparation one more trip for fresh vegetables to Berkeley Bowl.

The Audi found its temporary home so now we're officially car less (but my sisters yellow Volvo has been spotted on H-dock :-)

The slight delay gives us a chance to see the 6th season of The Shield on DVD and between the continuing farewell dinners we have been enjoying watching the show. We encountered our first quake while we're here on the dock; Monday night we both felt something shaking very briefly, usually something we would feel when the rigging would be shaking with strong wind but there was none! It does take quiet some power to shake our 15 ton home and indeed there was a 4.0 quake around Danville.

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