Saturday, August 30, 2008

Women's Sailing Seminar

As we keep working there is not that much to write about. I wanted to plug the Northern California Women's Sailing Seminar at our new yacht club. The Island Yacht Club in Alameda has hosted this for over 15 years. Corine attended this a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. It is October 11 and 12.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Step Closer

Good bye to the Miata!

One of our Berkeley Neighbors

Another of our Berkeley neighbors. Pretty friendly, but that breath is too much.

Berkeley Yacht Club Sendoff

Thanks to Jolanda and everyone that came to the Berkeley Yacht Club last night. You are a great group of friends. Our camera was malfunctioning, but I got one picture....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Story of Barry Spanier and Seminole

Here is a link to some history on Seminole, one of the three sister ships of Maitreya built on the San Francisco waterfront in the mid '70s.

Barry's Corner at Maui Sails

New Slide Show

We have added a number of photos taken over the last couple of years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Staying on board is a top priority. We are installing jacklines running from the boom gallows at the rear of the cockpit to the bowsprit. We made these using 1 inch tubular military webbing with a length of 1/8th inch Amsteel Blue running through it. The webbing has a strength of 19 kilonewtons or 4271 pounds. This is backed up by the 2500 pound strength of the Amsteel. The ends are multiply stitched with Tenora Gore-Tex thread which is 100% UV resistant. We will hook our Wichard ORC3 tethers to the jacklines.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Building a New Mainsheet System

Shipwright extrodinare, Michael Richardson, is building a new main sheet system for Maitreya. Michael built one of the three sister Ingrids near our boat in the 1970's.

The new main sheet will be similar to the old, utilizing a double ended line at the end of the boom. It will allow us to use the primary winches when hardening up. More on this when it is installed.

Here area couple of early pictures from John Fryer's shop. We are using Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) as a cost effective alternative to Teak. Jatoba was abut $7 per foot as opposed to $29 for Teak.

Thanks to John for the pics and the use of the shop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Welcome to Maitreya's new blog. We will be updating this from time to time as our travels progress.

Our current status is that we are in the Berkeley Marina at slip H34. We are planning to leave around September 1st for Monterey, California and then we will head off to Hilo, Hawaii.

We have been refitting the boat for bout two years and are down to a mere 20 or 30 items on our list to complete. More on the details later.


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